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         E.N Young, born Ian Allan Young, is a roots musician born and raised on the USA/Mexico border in San Diego, California.  E.N started playing piano at age 6, which was the beginning of his musical life. His parents bought him a white upright Samick Piano that he still records and plays on today.  At age 12, he broke his left arm and the doctor recommended some physical activity to help recover.  In response, his father bought him a drum set to help with his recovery.  Not only did it help physically but E.N found a passion for percussion and drums.   With his new drumming talent, he reinvented himself on the piano and his musical world was revealed.  

         Reggae music has always been a part of E.N Young's life. Growing up with his brothers, Manuel and Mike 'Chunky Roots' Marquez, reggae was around and the influence was strong.  Daily, E.N and his brothers would search for the next reggae tune that caught their ears and lose themselves within the reggae vibes. Now, E.N is more involved in the reggae scene than ever imagined.  Not only has he established a name for himself as an individual artist but he also writes, produces, and records music.

         E.N started playing professionally when he was 15 years old and in 2002 he became a member of the band Stranger.  As a band they put out four studio albums and toured on the West coast, including Guam and Hawaii; which led them to win the San Diego Music Award in 2009.

         In 2005, E.N Young met Bonita/Chula Vistas locals, Roots Covenant.  They played the strongest and most authentic roots reggae sound on the West coast and backed 30+ Jamaican artists.

         In May 2011, E.N went into his studio, Imperial Sound Recording Studio, to produce Tribal Seeds’ new EP ‘SoundWaves.’  The EP was released in July and received world-wide attention.  From Hawaii to New York, E.N Young completed a fall national tour with Tribal Seeds.  While on tour, he found time to record and mix a single with Steve Jacobo (singer of Tribal Seeds).  That single, “Blessed Love” went on the new Clear Conscience album that peaked at #3 on iTunes chart.

         Today, E.N Young is continuing to make sweet reggae music in his studio, Imperial Sound Recording Studio, in Southern California.  His most recent projects include the album ‘Rocksteady’ by Gonzo (singer for Beyond I Sight), ‘Just the Tip’ by Skanks Roots Project , Tribal Seeds’ fourth studio album, his second solo album, and much more. Today, E.N Young and Tribal Seeds are getting ready for the next tour, which covers nearly 30 states.  

         E.N Young’s goal is to continue to travel world-wide while spreading good through music and inspiring others.

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